Speak Up for Open Space & Trails in Eagle

Now is the time for you to voice your support for the Town of Eagle Open Space & Trails Master Plan.


For almost a year, the Town of Eagle has been developing an Open Space & Trails Master Plan (OST Plan).  Eagle has not updated an Open Lands Conservation Plan since 1997 and a trails plan since 2014.  The vision of this plan is:

“The Town of Eagle’s vibrant community values their quality of life defined by an abundance of open space, a respect for local wildlife, and an accessible trail system that has options for all users. Eagle’s open space and trails system is known for its steep hillsides covered in juniper, sagebrush, gypsum dirt, and scenic river valley. The system is a hidden gem for outdoor recreation, where intentional planning balances recreation opportunities with conservation and habitat preservation. The Town’s Open Space and Trails Department proactively collaborates with partners and community members to support trail maintenance, natural resource and habitat management, and unique recreational experiences.”

This plan has been extremely well vetted by the public, interest group representatives, and professionals who work in Open Space, Trails, Wildlife, and Public Lands Management.

This is not a trails plan, it is an over-encompassing natural resource management plan that includes riparian habitat, noxious weeds management, wildfire mitigation, wildlife habitat improvements, and recreation/trail management and opportunities. Please read and review the full plan yourself (don’t just look at maps, please read it!).  

VVMTA and HTC Support:

We support this plan because we believe it is well balanced by providing direction on how to maintain, enhance, and create new trail opportunities while ensuring that our open space, wildlife, and natural environment are prioritized, managed, and maintained.  Trail opportunities identified in the plan create strategic connections that improve a more cohesive and sustainable trail system, offer new and different types of trail experiences, and are concentrated in areas that already see recreation impacts.  The trail opportunities do not branch off into new areas further impacting and fragmenting wildlife habitat.  All potential new trail opportunities would follow current seasonal wildlife closures in the Eagle area to ensure critical habitat is not impacted during the winter.

You can further read Hardscrabble Trails Coalition’s email identifying areas of support here as well.

What should you say?  That’s completely up to you and should be based on your values, wants, and needs for open space and trails.  However, you can copy and paste our statement above and/or any of the bullet points listed out by the Hardscrabble Trails Coalition.

How to Comment:

Please keep your comments positive and proactive, instead of negative and reactive to other’s opinions that may not be in support.

To read the full Town of Eagle Open Space and Trails Master Plan, visit the website here.

Hope to see you there!

1 thought on “Speak Up for Open Space & Trails in Eagle”

  1. I am in support of this plan. Ernst and his team take the environment, users, and animals in mind as they carefully plan expansion and growth of our trails. They have incorporated ambassadors to assist in keeping people off of trails to keep wildlife safe so they can thrive. His team works diligently with volunteers to maintain the trails. This is an opportunity for sustained growth which will promote health and wellness as well as community within our valley.

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