2020 Trail Projects & Programs:  Donate to the VVMTA

Minturn Bike Park Construction:  Phase 1 is planned to begin this spring with a projected opening in the late summer/early fall.  We raised over $50,000 from you, our community in 2019 and are committing over $55,000 of our reserve funds to complete Phase 1 this summer.  This is a big hit to our bank account but see the incredible value that this free and open to the public bike park will bring to all ages, abilities, and demographics of our community.

Cougar Ridge Reroute:  We received a grant from the National Forest Foundation to reroute large sections of Cougar Ridge this summer.  However, the grant funds do not cover the full cost and scope of this four year in the making project.  We need your support to transform this horribly eroded, road-like trail, into one of the best trails in our county.  Reroute to be built by VVMTA volunteers and the same trail builders who rerouted the North Trail in 2019. *Concept plan shown below is a draft and subject to change.  In fact it already has with even more new trail than currently shown!

East Eagle Planning, “Redneck Extension” & Will’s Thrill Improvements:  Two new trails have been added to the existing BLM trail system in Eagle.  The 1.5 mile “Redneck Extension” (new name TBD) is half complete with the remaining scheduled to be completed this Spring with the Hardscrabble Trails Coalition.  Will’s Thrill is the new name for the existing past non-sytem trail Dirt Surfer’s Love Child.  HTC and VVMTA are fundraising to hire local professional trail builder Momentum Trail Concepts to keep the raw, hand built feeling of this trail and add some progressive and expert level features.  Additionally, East Eagle beyond these trails are a blank canvas and can include up to 15 miles of new singletrack trail.  The planning and environmental costs to bring new trails to this area are significant, $10,000+ to be specific.

Adopt A Trail:  Even though it is volunteer driven, the Adopt A Trail (AAT) program is far from free for us to operate.  We spend over $40,000 annually to support staff, planning, tools, training, swag, and events.  We are fortunate to receive a large portion of support for this program through a grant from the National Forest Foundation but need continued community donations to grow and operate this program on an annual basis.  The demand to grow this program continues to exist with 65 trails being adopted in 2020 (up from 51 in 2019).  We anticipate almost 4,000 hours of volunteer trail maintenance in Eagle County this year!


Wildlife Trail Ambassador Program:  As part of the AAT program, the Wildlife Trail Ambassador (WTA) program is also volunteer driven.  This program also requires financial resources including staff time, training, supplies, swag, and planning.  The VVMTA recognized the need to be the leaders in proactively approaching the education and communication surrounding seasonal trail closures to protect wildlife and our trails.  The WTA program has contacted and educated thousands of trail users at seasonally closed trailheads to help protect deer and elk during calving season.


  • In 2014 VVMTA partnered in planning and construction of the West Avon Preserve Stacked Loop trail system – one of the most significant trail system initiatives in the history of the Vail Valley. This diverse and sustainable network of singletrack includes the VVMTA-lead, volunteer-hand-built singletrack trails ofSaddle Ridge and Wyse Way.  Momentum Trail Concepts was hired to build machine-built trails of PB&J, Our Backyard, Wild West, Lee’s Way Down, Carrol’s Cutoff, and BLT.  Partners in this transformative project included the Town of Avon, Eagle CountyOpen Space, Eagle Valley Land Trust, Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado, Vail Resorts and Momentum Trail Concepts. Together, over 10 miles of singletrack was constructed in a single season, creating an incredible new network of trails in the mid valley that are accessible earlier in the season than most others.
  • In 2019, the VVMTA and the Adopt A Trail Program are partnering with the Town of Avon to take over maintenance of all trails in the West Avon Preserve.  Please stay tuned to our calendar and Facebook page for volunteer opportunities.


  • Additional improvements to the environmental sustainability and fun-factor of the Berry Creek trail system were completed in 2016.  These upgrades included re-routes in the upper section and restoration of eroded double track in the Endo Alley area.
  • Stay tuned and aware of the potential Berlaimont Estates Project that may cause major changes to this trail system.


  • VVMTA will continue to consult with Town of Vail on upgrading the community’s Open Lands Plan and Trails Master Plan to guide future network planning and building efforts.  The Town of Vail will move forward with adding details to their adopted plan throughout 2019.
  • In 2019, the VVMTA, in partnership with the USFS, will be rerouting the final section of the North Trail coming down into the Davos trailhead.  This washed out, rutted, and unsustainable trail will be completely rerouted and built to new sustainable trail standards.  This will allow all trail users to increase their experience on this trail for many years to come!


  • In September 2015 & October 2016, VVMTA and the USFS, with a huge helping hand from Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado (VOC) performed multiple days of trailwork on the final descent of Cougar Ridge between Vail Mountain and Lionshead to reduce erosion and improve the long term environmental sustainability and rideability of this great backcountry ride. 
  • In September 2016, the VVMTA partnered with Vail Resorts and their Epic Promise Program to bring over 300 volunteers to begin the construction of the 0.8 mile beginner hiking, biking, and dog walking loop named the Mini MileThe Mini Mile was then completed throughout the summer of 2017 by VVMTA regular Wednesday night Trail Crew and the Adopt A Trail program.  
  • The VVMTA has led the planning, fundraising, outreach, and design of the Minturn Bike Park.  Thanks to over $50,000 in donations from our community, Phase 1 of the bike park will begin construction in the summer of 2020 with a scheduled opening of late summer/early August 2020.  Phase 2 construction is scheduled to complete by fall 20201, pending additional donations and funding. 
  • The VVMTA is also working with the USFS to continue rerouting additional sections of the Cougar Ridge Trail in 2020.


  • In the summer of 2018 the VVMTA began the construction of the Everkrisp TrailThis is the first new trail built on USFS land in over 10 years in Eagle County.  The VVMTA launched the Eagle County Trail Fund and was able to purchase a new mini-excavator to build this trail and many more in the future.  The new Everkrisp Trail is 4 miles long with 1,000′ of climbing and descending. It will create many loops for all trail users to enjoy!
  • The Everkrisp Trail intersects Whisky Creek and connects the communities of Minturn and Eagle-VailEven more importantly, this new trail legally opens Whiskey Creek to mountain bikes once again!

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