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Vail Valley Mountain Trails Alliance (VVMTA is a non-profit organization whose mission is to maintain, build, educate, and advocate for sustainable non-motorized soft surface singletrack trails while conserving the natural environment of Eagle County.

The VVMTA is the leading advocate for soft surface trails in Eagle County, CO. The VVMTA’s vision is the creation of a sustainable multi-use soft surface trail network connecting communities and neighborhoods from Vail Pass to Basalt.  We promote stewardship of our public lands, sustainable trail building practices and a balance between recreation and conservation. The VVMTA maintains that trails contribute to the quality of life and economic vitality of the community.

Minturn Bike Park Info

We are excited to announce the opening of the Minturn Bike Park on Saturday, August 29!  The bike park is a world class amenity for all ages, families, and abilities to enjoy.  It includes green beginner trails and a kid friendly pump track to advanced dirt jumps and gravity flow trails with drops, rolls, and features.  Head out with the whole family and enjoy a day at the bike park and relax in the Gerald Gallegos Family Pavilion!

Learn About the Minturn Bike Park >

West Avon Preserve Trails Impact

West Avon Preserve Trails Impact

Holy Cross Energy performed overhead power line maintenance which required them to create an access road.  Trails remain open but many trails including ASC Connector and lower Saddleridge will have been significantly impacted.  We are currently working with the Town of Avon, Holy Cross Energy, and Singletree community to rebuild and realign the trails.  Read here for more info on this project.

WAP Trail Impacts >

Responsible Recreation Guidelines

Trails have been more important than ever during the pandemic.  They offer an opportunity to get out of our homes, socialize, feel normal, and improve our physical and mental health.  But we must to recreate responsibly not for only ourselves, but the others around us.  Please follow these guidelines when getting outside.  We are all in this together and its on us as a community to come out of this pandemic even stronger!

Reponsible recration guidelines

Cougar Ridge Reroutes Are Finished

Cougar Ridge reroutes are complete!  This project is finally coming to an end after 4 years of volunteer reroutes, planning, and finally reroutes completed by McGill Trails this summer.  Head out there an enjoy the improvements before it’s too late.

Trail Map & Conditions >

Vail Valley Trails on Trailforks

If you haven’t checked out Trailforks yet please do so and get to know the program.  It is a great resource for us as an organization and for you as a rider/hiker. Connect your Strava for insightful data, upload trail condition reports that are live on our website, and find favorite routes across the Valley.  Trailforks now includes hiking trails, simply click the drop down menu at the top of the page to switch to hiking or biking trails.

Check out our Trails Maps & Conditions >

Vail Valley Trails on Trailforks

Thank You to Our Partners and Supporters

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