Support the VVMTA and the Trail Conservation Crew by volunteering at the Vail Oktoberfest!

We are excited to be the non-profit beneficiary of Vail Oktoberfest this year.  Your volunteer time will directly support the VVMTA and our Trail Conservation Crew (TCC).  The TCC requires $175,000+ on an annual basis to operate and this event will provide a significant contribution towards bringing them back next year.  They are the ones out there on a daily basis clearing trees, installing signage, maintaining our trails, building trails, and leading and educating volunteers.

Volunteer duties focus on running the bars and include:

  • Point of sale
  • Beer pouring
  • ID Check / Wrist-banding

We have six bars to choose from.  Recruit your friends, colleagues, ride/run/hike partners, and sign up for the same bar!

Volunteer benefits include:

  • Food during your shift
  • VVMTA Lederhosen T-Shirt (custom shirt design to come!)
  • Commemorative Stein and complimentary beer (not during your shift)
  • Supporting our trails!

The more volunteer support we can get for this event the more support we have for the TCC!  If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us at anytime.  We hope to see you there, thanks for supporting our trails!

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