Trail Conservation Crew

2022 was the second year of the VVMTA’s seasonal full-time Trail Conservation Crew (TCC). With support from our partners at Eagle County, GOCO, USFS, Town of Eagle, and the National Forest Foundation, we were able to support a crew of eight (8). These positions consisted of a core TCC crew of six, one Wilderness Ranger, and one Adopt A Trail Crew Leader.

The TCC’s focus is on trail maintenance, trail building, protecting seasonal wildlife closures, training and leading volunteers, closing illegal/social trails, designating/rehabbing campsites, communicating fire restrictions, educating trail users at trailheads, removing garbage, and generally mitigating recreational impacts on trails and public lands. The TCC works across all public lands in Eagle County, functioning as an essential resource for all land managers, agencies, and partners.

Meet and read more about this amazing crew of eight locals who have been caring for our trails from May through October.  To support this crew and program please consider making a donation, ensuring that this program continues in 2023 and beyond.  Read more about how the program started in the Vail Daily here.

Trail Conservation Crew 2022 Projects

The TCC had an impact on trails across all public lands in Eagle County and on lands managed by the USFS, BLM, Town of Vail, Town of Minturn, Town of Eagle, Avon, and more. 

In addition to leading volunteers, performing general trail maintenance, and being Wildlife Trail Ambassadors, they tackled some bigger projects including:

  • Lee’s Way rock armoring
  • Mill Creek trail 6.5 mile reroute
  • Lov Connection bridge heavy repair
  • Full Nelson trail reroute
  • Grouse Lake creek crossings
  • 600+ downed trees removed
  • And many, many more…

Trails you might have run into the TCC crew on in 2022 include Lov Connection, Paulie’s Plunge, Haymaker, Cougar Ridge, Two Elk, Game Creek, Lee’s Way, Buffehr Creek, Full Nelson, Grouse Lake, Mill Creek, Ironedge, and many, many more.

Support the TCC

Please consider making a donation to continue the Trail Conservation Crew program for 2023 & beyond.  This program requires $175,000 in annual funding to operate.  Sammy, our Trail Operations Manager wants you to support the crew with:

  1. Crew Apparel/Uniforms:  We get super dirty, wet, sweaty, you name it out there and the more funding we have for uniforms the more comfortable we are out there and ready to work for our community!
  2. First Aid Supplies:  Many of us on the crew have certifications such as Wilderness First Aid but we definitely need to up our first-aid kits.  We need two, fully stocked kits for both of our trucks with items like tourniquets, pelvic binders, etc.
  3. Tools:  Man do we always need new tools!  We give our tools a beating through the year and are constantly in need of the newest tool technology and chainsaw supplies to complete projects.
  4. Food & Drink:  As you can imagine, digging in the dirt keeps us hungry and thirsty all day long.  Food and drink supplies are greatly appreciated and keeps the moral high!
  5. Training:  From rock work, mini excavator operation, bridge building, check-step creation, to turnpikes and mono walls…we always can learn and improve our skills through educational training opportunities.


Thank you to our partners for supporting the TCC 2022!

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