Trail Steward Hall of Fame

About the Trail Steward Hall of Fame:

2021 marks the inaugural year of the Trail Stewards Hall of Fame.  Inductees provide countless volunteer hours advocating, educating, building, and maintaining trails in Eagle County.  Please join us in recognizing and thanking these incredible individuals that make our community a better place to live and recreate!

2021 Inductees:

Lee Rimel

Lee can be referred to as the “Godfather” of our trails in Eagle County.  He has volunteered his time for decades advocating for and building trails in our community.  If there is a trail, public lands, or recreation related proposal in the works you better believe that Lee is rallying the community to get involved and provide input to improve our trails, public lands access, and conservation values.  He is constantly advocating for our trails with local leadership and land managers.

Lee is Board Emeritus of the VVMTA and you can read his full bio here.

Jamie Malin

Jamie is a co-founder of the VVMTA (former Vail Valley Mountain Bike Association).  Before the VVMTA, he was one of many often stating, “they should build this” or “they should fix that.”  Once he realized that “they” is actually “we”, the trail users, he took action and ownership and formed the VVMTA.  He put his money where his mouth is and helped build a small group of 3-5 individuals building and maintaining trails in 2011 to over 1,000 volunteers annually working on our trails 10 years later.

Jamie continues to serve as President of the VVMTA Board of Directors as well as a mentor to staff.  To read Jamie’s full bio visit our website here.

Casey Wyse

It’d be hard to find another individual who has put more time and labor into our trails than Casey has.  Year after year he puts in 100+ volunteer hours on the trail digging by hand and on the mini-excavator.  He uses his vacation time from his full-time job to build trails like Everkrisp and the Minturn Bike Park uphill trail.  What many don’t see is the behind the scenes work Casey does as Treasury on the VVMTA Board of Directors.

Ever wonder where those sweet trail signs in the West Avon Preserve come from?  Built right in Wildridge in Casey’s garage, on his own time and own costs.  To read Casey’s bio please visit our website here.

Adam Palmer

Adam was a co-founder of the Hardscrabble Trails Coalition (HTC).  He was often referred to as “El Presidente” because he was the President of the HTC for many years but mainly just because of who he was as a great human being and leader.  Adam played a large role in turning Eagle’s singletrack trail system into the experience it is for our community.  As many know, he did things Adam’s Way, hence the new trail that opened in 2021 dedicated in his name, culture, and style.  He was a visionary that made big picture ideas come to reality, both in the trails world and in our community.  

Adam tragically passed away in a backcountry avalanche accident in 2021 along with two other amazing individuals.  To read more about Adam, this pretty much sums it up.

Volunteer of the Year


Ellen Miller

Ellen Miller put in over 50 hours of volunteer time in 2021.  She is a rockstar volunteer trail steward just as much as she is a rockstar legend of a mountaineer.  She deeply values and protects our wilderness, trails, and wildlife.  There’s a good chance you can find her at the Son of Middle Creek trailhead in the Spring educating trail users on the why and importance of seasonal wildlife closures and Leave No Trace Principles.

In 2021, Ellen enthusiastically volunteered her time to lead hikes on East Vail wilderness trails.  She educated attendees about the value of wilderness, connection to nature and trail etiquette all while filling up garbage bags of trash left behind by uninformed or ignorant trail users.  Surprise surprise, every hike was at full capacity and she is already looking forward to leading more in 2021.  Thank you Ellen!

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