VVMTA Adopt A Trail Program

About Adopt A Trail

The VVMTA, alongside the USFS and with funding from the National Forest Foundation, has launched the Eagle County Adopt A Trail (AAT) program, a way that local organizations can help maintain and monitor local trails.

For more information about our AdoptersDonorsand Program Managers follow these links.  These are the people, businesses, and organizations that truly make this program possible! 

Learn about the initial partnership and fundraising drive for the Adopt a Trail and Adopt a Ranger Program.

2020 Final Adopt A Trail Stats: 

  • 61 trails adopted by 69 local teams
  • 163 miles of trail corridor cleared
  • 170 trees removed
  • 567 drainage structures cleared or created
  • 15,953 feet of tread restoration/repair
  • 128 lbs of trash removed
  • 71 closed social trails 
  • 750 total volunteers
  • 137 volunteer days on trails
  • 2,539 total hours volunteered

The full 2020 AAT Review can be found here.

Interested in getting involved?  Please contact Program and Trails Manager, Erinn, at [email protected]

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