VVMTA Adopt A Trail Program

About Adopt A Trail

The VVMTA launched the Adopt A Trail (AAT) program in 2016 with 30 local volunteer teams adopting 30 trails to maintain.  Since then, the program has grown to include 75 volunteer teams adopting over 65 trails across all land managers in Eagle County that are maintained by an army of local volunteer trail stewards. 

You can see the full list of trails adopted and Adopt A Trail teams here.  These are the people, businesses, and organizations that truly make this program possible and ensure we continue to have a great experience out on our trails!

Learn about the initial partnership and fundraising drive for the Adopt a Trail Program here.

2021 Final Adopt A Trail Stats: 

  • 66 trails adopted by 75 local teams
  • 104 miles of trail corridor cleared
  • 54 trees removed
  • 612 drainage structures cleared or created
  • 10,732 feet of tread restoration/repair
  • 274 lbs of trash removed
  • 71 closed social trails 
  • 678 total volunteers
  • 87 volunteer days on trails
  • 2,841 total hours volunteered

The full 2021 AAT Review can be found here.

Interested in getting involved?  Please contact Programs Director, Erinn, at [email protected]

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