Programs & Initiatives

Opportunity Identification

VVMTA is constantly on the lookout for opportunities to develop new soft surface trails as well as to improve existing trails through maintenance and reroutes throughout the Vail Valley.  Our board stays in regular communication with governmental agencies, local municipalities and local trail users to generate ideas and identify opportunities for expanding and improving the valley’s trail system.  We also keep an eye on trail initiatives pursued by other communities with a goal of replicating successful programs.

Trails Planning & Design

Once an opportunity is identified VVMTA either takes the lead or assists in the trail planning and design efforts.  VVMTA has been involved in all aspects of trail design from the master planning of entire trail systems (such as the West Avon Preserve network) to flagging the precise layout of a specific trail.

Supporting Local Land Managers and Governmental Agencies

Local governments and agencies are increasingly taking an active role in building and managing trail networks within their jurisdictions.  VVMTA supports these efforts by providing education, ideas, advice and by coordinating volunteer trail work programs.  VVMTA maintains a holistic perspective which helps to ensure that individual trail initiatives are viewed in the context of enhancing a valley-wide trail system.  VVMTA is also able to act as a common and unifying voice for trail initiatives that cross multiple government and agency jurisdictions

Trail Crew Leader Training

Each summer VVMTA coordinates trail crew leader training sessions.  VVMTA either teaches them directly or brings in 3rd parties such as IMBA or Vounteers for Outdoors Colorado to teach these sessions.  As a result of these training sessions VVMTA has developed a solid stable of well-trained Trail Crew Leaders who are critical to the trail work initiatives below.  If you are interested in becoming a Trail Crew Leader or already are one and want a refresher please see VVMTA’s calendar for a schedule of training sessions.

Volunteer Trail Work Days

VVMTA hosts and coordinates regularly scheduled trail work days throughout the spring, summer and fall.  Join us:

VVMTA’s sizeable and growing database of volunteer workers have poured countless hours into our local trails.  Significant trail construction and improvement has been achieved through these efforts.  VVMTA’s event calendar provides a schedule for these rewarding and fun trail work days. 

Large Volunteer Trail Work Events

VVMTA solicits and manages large volunteer days where an entire trail can be built in one-day.  We have relationships with Volunteers For Outdoor Colorado, Vail Resorts and others. VVMTA has coordinated work days with over 300 volunteers – relying heavily on our well-trained trail crew leaders.

Adopt A Trail 

Keeping our local trails in good shape requires constant attention.  VVMTA and the USFS, with support from the National Forest Foundation, launched the Adopt A Trail (AAT) Program in 2016.   The AAT Program through 2023 includes 70 adopted trails across Eagle County.  Annually, this program includes over 650 volunteers and 2,000+ hours of volunteer trail maintenance. 

For more info visit our Adopt A Trail page here.

Trail Ambassador Program

The VVMTA recognized that there were trail supporters out there that don’t necessarily want to get down and dirty.  So new this year, the Trail Ambassador program was born. Ambassadors are a presence on the trail and in our community to help enforce trail closures, offer education about local flora and fauna and spread the ‘Leave No Trace” concept. 

For more info please visit our Trail Ambassador program page here.

Events & Social Initiatives

In an effort to build a unified soft surface trails community, VVMTA organizes events that bring our local trail users together These events include open houses, seasonal celebrations, apres trail work days, and other community focused events.

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