Seasonal Wildlife Trail Closures

Seasonal Wildlife Closures

Every spring and winter on Forest Service land, BLM in Eagle, Eagle Open Space, Eagle County Open Space, and the West Avon Preserve there are several trail closures that may alter bikers and hikers plans.

The reasons for the trail closures are deer and elk winter range, calving, and migration. Spring is a sensitive time of year for pregnant and nursing females. It is a fact that minimizing human disturbance with seasonal trail closures gives the animals time and space to nurse calves until they are strong enough to move with the herds.

The closures are there for the protection of wildlife during the sensitive birthing period and to protect soils, vegetation, watershed and fisheries during the mud season. We ask that you respect the following closures out of concern for our natural environment.

Up Valley Forest Service Seasonal Closures

Forest Service Seasonal Trail Closures (Avon to Vail)

*Closed to all users (foot, bike, & equestrian)

November 23 – June 20

  • Whiskey Creek
  • Everkrisp

December 1 – June 20

  • Eastern Hillside

April 15 – June 20

  • Son of Middle Creek
  • Buffehr Creek
  • North Trail

May 15 – June 20

  • Paulie’s Plunge

May 6 – June 30

  • Two Elk

Beaver Creek Seasonal Trail Closures from May 6 – June 30

Beaver Creek & Arrowhead Seasonal Closures

Eagle Area Seasonal Trail Closures:

December 1 – April 15 (BLM trails & roads)

  • East Eagle (Pool & Ice, Dirt Surfer, Will’s Thrill, Hillbilly, Bellyache Road Gate)
    • *Closed to mechanized (bikes) and motorized use.  Open to foot and equestrian year round.
  • West Eagle (World’s Greatest, Abrams Ridge, School House Rocks, etc.)
    • Spring Creek Rd in Gypsum is open for extended hunting season until January 16
    • *Closed to mechanized (bikes) and motorized use.  Open to foot and equestrian year round.

December 1 – June 30 (Brush Creek Valley Ranch & Open Space)

  • 3 Sisters Trail
    • *Closed to all users: foot, bike, and equestrian
  • Hikers and equestrian users will still be able to utilize the Salt Creek area of the Brush Creek Valley Ranch and Open Space
Eagle Area Seasonal Closures
Brush Creek Valley Ranch & Open Space Seasonal Closure

December 15 – April 15 (Town of Eagle trails)

West Avon Preserve Seasonal Trail Closures: December 15  – April 15

  • All West Avon Preserve Trails except Our Backyard, PB&J, and Beaver Creek Point. 
  • Knob Hill (Forest Service)



Other Seasonal Trail Closures:

December 1 – April 15

December 1 – May 1

West Avon Preserve and Knob Hill

What Trails Are Open?

Muddy trails are always closed trails.  These trails are open (pending conditions).  Check our trail conditions page for updates:

Mountain Biking, Hiking, & Equestrian Trails:

*Forest Service Trails Closed to wheeled vehicles November 23 – May 21

Hiking/Equestrian Trails Only:

*Forest Service Trails Closed to wheeled vehicles November 23 – May 21

How You Can Help?  Become a Wildlife Trail Ambassador

Protect our wildlife, protect our trails.  Become a Wildlife Trail Ambassador.  Watch our 2020 training videos and learn about the science, data, and importance of why seasonal wildlife closures exist.  Do your part and help educate and inform trail users on the importance of respecting seasonal wildlife trail closures, trail etiquette, and leaven no trace principles.

If interested please watch the training videos on our Youtube channel here and get in touch with Erinn at

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