Vail Valley Trail Maps & Conditions

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Vail Mountain Trail Conditions


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Vail – North of I-70

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Minturn Area Trail Conditions

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Beaver Creek Area Trail Conditions

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West Avon Preserve Trail Conditions

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Edwards/Berry Creek Trail Conditions

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Hike Vail – Conditions and Information

Hike Vailis your one-stop-shop for getting information on hiking in the Vail area! There is a wide variety of trails and experiences that you can have when hiking here. Whether you’re a seasoned Vail hiker or new to the area, we want to help you understand our trails in order to protect and preserve them now and for posterity.

The East Vail trails (Booth Creek, Deluge Lake, Gore Creek, and Bighorn Creek) are getting overwhelmed by visitors and the trails are becoming diminished, so we suggest finding alternatives to these crowded hikes on the trails page. Also, please check out the know before you go page to prepare for your hike and see the parking and transportation page on how you can leave your car behind and take the bus since parking is very limited at many of our trailheads.

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Connect Strava and Trailforks

Do you use Strava?  If so, we urge you to connect your Strava account with Trailforks.  Why you ask? 

  • Trailforks provides you great statistical analysis (more than Strava) including ride history, trails ridden, and year over year data
  • Trailforks provides us an organization incredible data that we can use to plan future trails, maintain trails, and powerful information to present to local land managers and municipalities 

This information is both great for you and for us to advocate for trails.  Go here to learn how to connect Strava and Trailforks.

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