The winter has brought some of our county’s most distinguished members down for the mountaintops and to the forefront of our minds. Elk and deer are everywhere. And with them comes an opportunity to educate and reset attitudes toward our four-legged neighbors.

The elk and deer in Eagle County represent a pride point for many. They are also an essential part of a complicated and interconnected ecosystem. Life as an ungulate has never been easy, but living around humans poses challenges, especially with the changing of seasons and life cycles.

Luckily, we can do a number of things to make life easier for wildlife, and we’re rewarding those who take the pledge with a chance to win one of ten PRIZES.

We’re asking the Town of Eagle’s citizens to do their part in preserving our herds, and we’re handing out a number of prizes to those who participate. We believe if we keep our dogs on leashes, respect trail closures, and leave wildlife alone, we can help these majestic animals survive and thrive for generations to come.

We’re not asking you to stop getting outside, hiking, biking, fat biking, nordic skiing, snowshoeing, or walking your dog. We believe that you should continue to get outdoors. All we are asking is you are wildlife aware in your day-to-day activities by taking a pledge to change a few small behaviors. 

Our Goal is the Protection and Preservation of Wildlife

1. Respect Wildlife

When you see wildlife, it’s essential to not approach or harass them. Human disturbances can exacerbate loss of body weight, reduce reproductive success, and decrease survivability of the fawns and calves.

2. Respect Trail Closures

Trails are closed to protect critical winter habitat and migratory & feeding routes. Violation of seasonal trail closures can keep wildlife from precious resources and resting spaces.

3. Keep your Dog Leashed

When dogs chase wildlife, it burns precious calories and can separate infants and nursing mothers. In addition, just the presence of unleashed dogs may scare animals away from their natural grounds.

“I commit to protect Eagle County’s ecosystem by observing rules and trail closures that protect wildlife, giving animals the distance they need from humans and pets, by educating myself and my fellow citizens, and by getting involved in the wildlife protection community.”

The Giveaway

As part of our efforts to reward the community for better educating themselves around wildlife & human behaviors, we’re saying THANK YOU with a chance to win one of three OpenRun Pro Bone Conduction Headphones. These amazing headphones allow you to enjoy your music and hear all around you while out on the trails!

To enter, take the pledge, follow us on social, volunteer, and spread the word about this effort.

Win One of Ten $100 Gift Cards to Eagle Restaurants!

On April 15th, the night before the trails in Eagle open, and the trails up in Edwards, Avon and Vail start to close and the ungulates start to “surf the green wave,” we will hold a random drawing at the HTC spring kick-off event to select ten lucky winners of a $100 gift card to a local restaurant. We will announce the winner’s on Facebook and Instagram so be sure to watch to see if you Win!

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