VVMTA Brand Refresh

We have been working on a brand refresh for almost a year now.  Our partner, supporter, and friend at Kind Design knocked it out of the park for us! 

It was time we looked at our current VVMTA logo and other program logos including Adopt A Trail and Wildlife Trail Ambassadors and bring them together underneath one strong brand umbrella.

The goal of the brand refresh was to:

“Create a new brand identity system for Vail Valley Mountain Trails Alliance (VVMTA), along with cohesive branding for the other programs they run including WildlifeTrail Ambassadors and Adopt A Trail. We would like to create a new mark that is clean, modern yet timeless, and will work well across all mediums. VVMTA is an established organization in the Vail Valley and the current logo is very well known, so the goal is to carry over elements from the current branding to make this a smooth transition and keep your brand recognizable. Originally, the organization was focused on biking, and then it evolved to include all types of trails which is why it changed from VVMBA to VVMTA. Boot prints were then added to the mark. This mark is extremely detailed and difficult to use for certain applications. Biking and hiking are some of the things you can do on trails, but it does not include everything the organization is about. Stepping back, it’s about stewardship, maintaining trails, and conservation in the mountains of Eagle County so the focus was on a unique, “mountain” specific mark. A similar shape and color scheme to the current mark should be kept, as well as a similar typeface. We should use the same (or similar) marks for all programs throughout the organization but just apply new colors to differentiate them. Then using the same typeface, we can have logos that are clearly part of the same organization.”

The new mark is a 3D Mountain which encompasses the stewardship, trail maintenance & building, conservation, advocacy, and education that are the core values and mission of the VVMTA.


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