We Are Hiring!

Do you want to spend your summer outside on our trails and get paid for it?  Then we have some great opportunities for you!

We are excited to be hiring for the 2024 season:

Not only do you get to be paid for spending time on our trails but also receive these great benefits:

  • Access to outdoor industry pro deals
  • Housing stipend available ($250 per month based on hours worked)
  • Paid time off for holiday, vacation, and sick
  • Team events 
  • Staff apparel (t-shirts, sun shirt, hats, sweatshirt, pants, socks, footwear stipend)
  • Gas/fuel stipend
  • Cell phone stipend
  • Employee Assistance Program through Vail Health’s Mountain Strong program
  • $18.00/hr – $25.00/hr – commensurate with experience

To Apply, please email a resume and short letter of interest letting us know which position(s) you are interested in to:  info@vvmta.org

Trail Conservation Crew:

The TCC’s focus is on trail maintenance, trail building, protecting seasonal wildlife closures, training and leading volunteers, closing illegal/social trails, designating/rehabbing campsites, communicating fire restrictions, educating trail users at trailheads, removing garbage, and generally mitigating recreational impacts on trails and public lands. The TCC works across all public lands in Eagle County, functioning as an essential resource for all land managers, agencies, and partners.

Check out what the Trail Conservation Crew (TCC) accomplished in 2023.

We are currently accepting applications for these roles within the TCC.  Please click on each to read the full job description:

Adopt A Trail – Volunteer Trail Crew Leader:

Our Adopt A Trail program is the bread and butter of the VVMTA. We launched the Adopt A Trail (AAT) program in 2016 with 30 local volunteer teams adopting 30 trails to maintain. Since then, the program has grown to include 85 volunteer teams adopting 70 trails across all land managers in Eagle County that are maintained by an army of local volunteer trail stewards.

You can see the full list of trails adopted and Adopt A Trail teams here. These are the people, businesses, and organizations that truly make this program possible and ensure we continue to have a great experience out on our trails!

We are currently hiring for a Volunteer Trail Crew Leader to lead these AAT teams and volunteer trail crews. The Volunteer Trail Crew Leader will focus on working closely with VVMTA’s Trail Stewardship Coordinator to support the efficient operation of the VVMTA’s Adopt A Trail program. The Volunteer Trail Crew Leader’s  primary responsibilities will include scouting and identifying trail projects across Eagle County, strategizing and planning for the execution of these projects, and leading Adopt A Trail teams in the field to complete these projects. This position will require frequent work with volunteers, and will be required to convey the messages and value of the Adopt A Trail program to these volunteers while helping them grow their skills and motivate them to remain involved with the program.

Please click on the link for the full job description:

Trail Ambassador:

In the Spring of 2018, the VVMTA launched the Trail Ambassador program.  We recognized the need to be the leaders in proactively approaching the education and communication surrounding seasonal trail closures to protect wildlife and our trails.  These volunteer trail ambassadors’ duties include:

  • Support awareness of seasonal trail closures by actively being positioned at trailheads
  • Education to trail users about the reasons for seasonal trail closures
  • Education to trail users about Leave No Trace Principles

In 2024, the Trail Ambassador program will extend it’s impact and reach by continuing into the summer and fall.  Trail Ambassadors during these seasons will go to busy trailheads and hike/bike on trails to spread trail etiquette knowledge and Leave No Trace Principles.

We are excited to offer a seasonal full-time paid Trail Ambassador position. The Trail Ambassador’s primary responsibilities will include an active presence at trailheads to support stewardship education, Leave No Trace principle education, and provide additional resources and information to trail users throughout Eagle County. This position will require frequent interaction with trail users and the general public, and will be required to convey the ethos and mission of the VVMTA while helping reinforce sustainable recreation in Eagle County and seasonal trail closure education.

Please follow the link below for the full job description:

To Apply, please email a resume and short letter of interest letting us know which position(s) you are interested in to:  info@vvmta.org

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