2023 Trail Survey Results

Thank you to the 191 community members who completed our 2023 survey!

Your feedback informs our direction on what projects and programs we should prioritize moving forward. We will use your feedback to inform our land managers and decision makers on what the trails community wants to see and prioritize.

Thank you for letting us know how we are doing, both successfully and how we can better serve you, our trails community.

Please read through the full survey results yourself to best understand the collective response and feedback we received.  Below are some high level points that we have taken away from it:

How do you recreate on trails?

  • Mountain biking had the highest preferred choice percentage at 73%
  • Hiking had the highest weighted average at 2.67 vs. mountain biking at 2.00
  • Hiking was the second highest choice at 23%, dog walking at 16%, and trail running at 15%

What type of trail(s) experiences do you want in Eagle County?

  • Very close race between 
    • Intermediate/Moderate Trails (32.07%)
    • Expert/Advanced Trails (33.70%)
    • Technical Trails (natural/man-made) (33.33%)
  • Intermediate/Moderate Trails had the highest weighted average of 3.74
  • Almost 74% of respondents scored, “No more new trails” as their least important

From the comments:

  • “I am not an e-bike fan. But the truth is, it is the future, and we are silly not to allow class 1 ebikes. Bentonville is a very progressive town, and they are all over the place. Plus it allows alot of people access to our amazing trails that otherwise wouldn’t use them.”
  • “More trails where eMTB are allowed”
  • “No ebikes they can ride on already available motorized trails”
  • “Expanding the trail network to the Gypsum area would be amazing, especially cross country or beginner trails.”
  • “It would be great to have more uphill trails so we could climb on singletrack for both aesthetic and safety reasons”
  • “Please more hand-built technical trails. I feel like we have more than enough machine-built trails.”

What is your favorite trail in Eagle County?

  • A wide range of opinions on this one!  Moral is it’s hard to pick one but highest include:
    • Two Elk (mainly East, some West) – 13
    • Mill Creek – 10
    • Lee’s Way – 10
    • Grouping together: Meadow Mountain – 7, Whiskey Creek – 6, and Everkrisp – 9 

What is your favorite trail system in Eagle County?

  • No real surprises here:
    • East Eagle (Boneyard, Pool & Ice, etc.) – 18%
    • Meadow & Grouse Mountains – 14%
    • Arrowhead – 14%
    • Vail Mountain (lift served) – 10%

Please rank the importance of VVMTA’s main initiatives to you:

  • Maintenance and reroutes – 51%
  • Build new trails – 48%
  • Advocate: work with local land managers – 48%
  • Conservation: protect our natural resources – 45%
  • Educate – 34%
  • Volunteer opportunities – 25%

If not already a VVMTA donor/member, how likely are you to join/donate to our organization?

  • Already a member – 51%  (Thank you!)
  • Somewhat likely – 21%
  • Very likely – 10%
  • Not at all likely – 3%

In your words, what could the VVMTA do to improve your likelihood of supporting our organization?

  • Themes include:
    • Support for e-bike access
    • Don’t support e-bike access
    • Wildlife impact considerations
    • We are already doing a great job, keep up the good work
    • No more flow trails, a diversity of trail experiences and ability levels
    • Gather and consider community input

What would encourage you to participate in volunteer trail days?

  • New trail construction – 32% (highest weighted average – 3.6)
  • Technical trail projects – 26%
  • Consistent schedule of trail work days – 20% (second highest weighted average – 3.46)
  • Weekend trail work events – 17%

In your opinion, what does VVMTA do really well?

  • Themes include:
    • Maintaining, building, and improving trails for our community
    • Provide a voice for trail users
    • Advocating and communicating

In your opinion, what does VVMTA need to improve upon?

  • Themes include:
    • E-bike access
    • Beginner friendly trails
    • Education
    • Communication, advanced notice of volunteer opportunities

Overall, how satisfied or dissatisfied are you with the VVMTA?

  • Very satisfied – 50%
  • Satisfied – 32%
  • Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied – 11%
  • Dissatisfied – 3%
  • Very dissatisfied – 3%

What are you most satisfied with our current trail opportunities in Eagle County?

  • Themes include:
    • Diversity of trail options
    • Consistent maintenance and improvements
    • New trails and trail system connections being developed

What are you least satisfied with our current trail opportunities in Eagle County?

  • Lack of e-bike access
  • Growing threat of more e-bike access
  • Lack of truly beginner trails
  • Lack of advanced/expert mountain bike trails

What topics would you like to hear more about from the VVMTA?

  • Trail projects (new, maintenance, reroutes, etc.) – 73%
  • Trail conditions – 61%
  • Volunteer opportunities – 49%
  • Trail advocacy topics – 41%

What are the best ways for VVMTA to communicate with you?

  • Email newsletter – 85%
  • Instagram – 37%
  • Facebook – 27%

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