Respect Wildlife Closures and Use Proper Etiquette

During this unprecedented time of the coronavirus pandemic, we are all trying to find connections that make us happy such as Zoom meetings with friends and family, Netflix, and many home projects. One outlet that we are fortunate to have in beautiful Eagle County is access to trails and public lands. 

With ski resorts being closed and no desert escapes available, it is very noticeable that trail use has dramatically increased over the last month. This is a good thing. Exercising outside is known to not only improve your physical health but also your mental health. We encourage you to get outside but please do so in a responsible way.  We are in this together and need to respect guidelines and policies or there is a chance we could lose access to trails and our public lands.

You can read further about how to recreate responsibly during a pandemic through the Eagle County Outdoor Stewardship Coalitions “Guiding Principles for Stewardship and Responsible Outdoor Recreation” and on our website. One of the most important responsibilities of getting on the trail is following proper trail etiquette. Just because we are in the midst of a pandemic does not mean that these principles are thrown out the window and forgotten. If you are a new trail user, please learn and practice these principles.

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