Eagle County Trails Set for Spring Closures

As snow gradually melts from local hillsides and trails, it’s tempting to grab the bike or leash up the dog and head out. That’s a bad idea on several local trails.

There are a number of trail closures set to begin in April and May. Like winter trail closures, spring closures are done in the name of wildlife protection. The coming spring closures last into or through June, which coincides with calving season for elk and deer.

As deer and elk populations have declined in the area, those closures have become more important in order to help either build or maintain herd numbers.

In the winter, elk, deer and bighorn sheep are on subsistence rations. Forcing those animals to do any more than they absolutely need to can be fatal.

In the spring, mothers with young are also vulnerable. Forcing them to move puts them in danger of starvation or makes them more visible to predators.

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