2017 Adopt a Trail Campaign off to a great start

The Eagle County Adopt a Trail program kicked off this past year and to build upon the 2016 success, we are raising funds to keep the program rolling!

This past summer’s accomplishments were substantial. Trail surface restoration occurred on almost 200 feet of trail, and 64 social trails (short cuts) were restored. Nearly 134 pounds of trash was removed and 88 fallen trees were cleared from trails. Almost 500 drainage structures were cleared and 87 miles of corridor was trimmed back. The volunteer totals were overwhelming with over 400 people contributing to over 1300 hours on the trails! There is no doubt that Eagle County residents are passionate about their trails. To thank these hard working organizations, each group received a “Trail Adopted by” plaque with their group’s name on it at their trailhead.

2017 brings another ask to support this program to continue and expand upon the successes of last Summer. Any amount helps – please join us in supporting your local trail systems by clicking the Adopt a Trail GoFundMe page or contacting us at Vailvmba at gmail dot com.




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