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West Avon Preserve Trails Impact – Holy Cross Energy

West Avon Preserve Update:

What is happening?

Holy Cross Energy is pulling new overhead power lines to improve the system resiliency to accommodate increased electrical load carrying capacity.  In order to do this, they must clear the old existing access road that crosses many of the trails in the WAP.  This road was there well before a majority of these trails existed.  The last time this road was used was in 2011.

Are trails closed?

No, as long as we are respectful of their work and the safety of both Holy Cross energy workers and trail users is kept.  There may be times of temporary closures to ensure safety for everyone.  But the crews have been great at allowing users to go around them while working.  If this is abused, trails could be closed.

What trails are impacted?

See the map, a majority of the ASC Connector will be impacted as well as the lower section of Saddleridge.  Please plan alternative routes accordingly, such as climbing Wyse Way instead of Saddleridge.  Or taking Carrol’s Cutoff instead of the ASC Connector.

What’s the plan to re-establish the trails?

The VVMTA is putting together a plan to re-establish the singletrack trails.  Holy Cross Energy will be re-seeding and re-vegetating the road.  The VVMTA will propose a trail re-establishment plan to the Town of Avon and Eagle Valley Land Trust for approval.  Our hope is to align the trails off of the road as much as possible so in the future this does not occur again.  Stay tuned for VVMTA Trail Crew and Adopt A Trail work days!

How long is this going to last?

Holy Cross Energy started on April 27th and anticipated a 2-3 week project timeline.

Be Grateful.
We’re thankful that we are still able to access the West Avon Preserve and use the trails while this project is occurring.  The trails could have easily been shut down completely and cutoff from all use.  When you come across crews please say thanks, be safe, and respect their work area.

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