Thank You! To The 1,100+ Adopt A Trail Volunteers

2022 Adopt A Trail Awards

Most Trail Work Days:
Eagle County Dept. of Human Services
(Adams Way & 3 Sisters)
Rock Work Team of the Year: 
Walking Mountains 
(Buck Creek)
Most Volunteer Hours: 
Vail Club 50
(Stage Gulch)
Most Number of Volunteers: 
(Elk Drop)
Trail Project of the Year: 
Elevated Dental
(Martin Creek) 
Elevated Dental_Martin Creek_09 02 2022_Justin Moses_6 tall
Best Post Party Team:
BluSky Restoration
Adopt A Trail Team of the Year:
Vail Valley Partnership

If the number of volunteers in a community communicates the dedication to the environment around them, Eagle County, Colorado might be the best place to watch a volunteer based program thrive. 

The VVMTA Adopt A Trail (AAT) program is in its seventh year with 80 teams leading the charge. These 80 teams take care of 70 different trails in our county. These AAT teams are vital for our community and to land managers to care for an important asset; our beloved trail system.

This year 1,121 volunteers rallied out on the trails carrying loppers, shovels, water and will power. Yes, 1,121 people showed up after a long work day (Vail Health), on the weekends (Howard Head Sports Medicine), on their bikes (QuietKat), in the rain (Vail Valley Partnership) or towing a churro truck (BluSky Restoration). Most importantly they showed up with smiles. This callout isn’t to miss other teams’ commitment, just some highlights. Please check out our volunteer leaderboard for proof of every team and volunteer who picked a time to show up and be a part of the process. Protip: If you want to join an AAT team’s trail work day, the calendar is the best place to start.


“I could win a gold medal in Lopping!” – Axis Sports Medicine, Pauline’s Plunge


“Just making sure you didn’t get eaten by a bear.” –  Town of Vail Employees, Son of Middle Creek

Connecting our community to the outdoors is important to the VVMTA and the AAT program is our most relevant and important program to accomplish that goal. There are many studies that show volunteering leads to a happier and healthier life. The AAT program gives volunteers an opportunity to show up and care for something they love and cherish. Volunteering outside is also just helping shine a little light on the subject! Pun intended.

While on the subject of being outside, let’s discuss playing in the dirt. Little trade secret, playing in the dirt is also called volunteering. Outside on the trails in Eagle County this year 3,481 hours of work went into playing in the dirt. AND it is so rewarding when you look at the pictures of what was accomplished. Please look at our AAT page , Youth Trail Stewarts Page and Volunteer Leaderboard for more statistics, pictures and updates. 



Referring to tools: “Hold one don’t be one” – Vail Valley Partnership, Everkrisp


“Keep it pretty! We know we did the work but no one else needs to notice it. Smooth the edges!” – Vail Club 50, Stag Gulch

All in all, the AAT program had another successful year and the only reason is because of our amazing community. That community includes you, your neighbors, work associates and others. But to name a few standouts, please check out our Trail Stewards Hall of Fame and Volunteers of the Year. Past and present. 

We at the VVMTA know you don’t have many hours in your day, week, month or year. We appreciate that you give us a few of those hours to build a framework of amazing trails in our community. Thank you for another great Adopt A Trail year.  

Thank You,

Erinn Hoban, VVMTA Programs Director

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“I have beer in the cooler.” – Partners Environmental, Lov Connection


“Don’t lop the droppers.” – The KIND Bikes & Skis, Berry Creek

Erinn Wants You To Support our Adopt A Trail Volunteers:

Donate now to support our volunteers with:

  1. Swag:  We want to give our volunteers some swag that they can wear on the trails and showcase their volunteerism throughout our community!
  2. Tools:  Sharper tools, newer tools, and enough tools are needed to support our growing number of teams and volunteers!
  3. Food & Drink:  Social hour after a hard but fun trail work project is (in our opinion) the best way to celebrate a great trail project with your friends and colleagues.
  4. Training:  Our volunteers constantly yearn for more knowledge, training, and growing their trail work skills!

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