Soul Dirt: A Trail for Everbody

Launched in 2022 Soul Dirt is the VVMTA’s program to encourage sustainable, accessible recreation for the health of everyone in our community. Through trail based experiences we provide an opportunity for our community to connect while strengthening its stewardship of our trails and public lands.

Trails are for everyone. More than a catchphrase it’s a commitment. Soul Dirt is the programmatic embodiment of this commitment. We strive to provide equitable access to the outdoors because when people can safely access outdoor spaces in our community, they are able to experience the transformative power of nature—making them healthier in mind, body, and soul.

Soul Dirt addresses the inequity that the people with the least access to the outdoors often stand to benefit most.  We strive to provide accessible, relevant opportunities for marginalized communities—those who have been excluded in the past because of age, ability, race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or income level.  

So, What makes Soul Dirt Unique?

Focus on Sustainability: Soul Dirt promotes responsible recreation, fostering a culture of stewardship on our trails and public lands.

Open to All: This program isn’t just for seasoned outdoors-person. Soul Dirt offers free, VVMTA ambassador-led activities, including hikes, mountain bike rides and backpacking trips, catering to all ages and abilities. There’s something for everyone!

Collaboration is Key: Soul Dirt partners with local community organizations to develop trusted relationships with those served. Designed to uniquely engage different communities, trail activities are facilitated intentionally to meet the specific needs of our partners’ networks. 

Breaking Down Barriers: Accessibility is a core value. Language justice is central to programming with bilingual resources available to Spanish-speakers. Soul Dirt also boasts a fleet of mountain bikes available to borrow during their programs, removing some financial obstacles for interested participants.

Building Community: Soul Dirt fosters a sense of connection. Whether you’re a seasoned local or new to the area, these trail adventures provide a platform to meet like-minded people and build camaraderie.

The Soul Dirt Impact

The results speak for themselves.

In 2023, Soul Dirt saw over 500 participants, with a whopping 39% being brand new to exploring the trails

These experiences transcended simple exercise; they led to improved mental and physical well-being, a deeper appreciation for nature, and a stronger sense of community belonging.

Ready to get connected to the outdoors?

Look no further than the VVMTA website for details on upcoming Soul Dirt events. Lace up your boots, grab a bike (or borrow one from us!), and get ready to discover the transformative power of Eagle County’s trails. You might just find yourself covered in a little (Soul) Dirt – and loving it!

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