Illegal Trail “Oso” To Be Closed

Read the White River National Forest, Eagle-Holy Cross Ranger District’s press release on their website.


The unsanctioned trail called Oso was first decommissioned by the Forest Service in 2019 and is being closed again. The trail was established in the past without approval from the managing land agency (USFS), did not undergo an environmental review process for either sustainable design, ecological impacts, or impacts on wildlife in critical habitat, and so was not included as a system route in the 2011 Forest Service Travel Management Plan.

We do not condone unsanctioned trail building and use.  We believe in the proper and responsible process of identifying a proposed trail and entering an environmental review to ensure it is not detrimental to our watersheds, wildlife, plants, and/or archaeological history.  

We do believe that this trail and others like it represent an unmet need and growing demand for improved sustainable trail opportunities for all, including progressive trails, in Eagle County.

We are constantly (and tirelessly) advocating for trail opportunities that meet our community’s demands and needs.  We believe that creating trail experiences like this trail and trails that are diverse and inclusive is necessary for now and our future.  We believe that there are existing recreation hubs in our community that could be improved and expanded.  These recreation hubs, are already highly used, are close to our neighborhoods, and limit impacts on our natural environment by concentrating recreation in accessible, environmentally and ecologically identified and reviewed areas.

Unfortunately progress takes time, patience and involvement. Communicate your desires for our local trail systems and make sure to do so in a productive manner. If you really want to affect change then please get involved.

Your comments on social media are not productive nor accomplish anything.  If you want to comment on this trail project please contact the Eagle-Holy Cross Ranger District here:

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