Adopt A Trail Program Managers

Sean Burke, Eagle County Adopt a Trail Ranger:

“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness” is not only a quote by John Muir, but a motto that Sean chooses to live his life. What better way to epitomize this motto than by improving local trails for the benefit of local communities. Sean is originally from the Chicago area, but has deep roots in the outdoors. Every summer he would hit the road with his family camping, hiking, and simply exploring all over the western United States. He quickly fell in love with the outdoors and decided that’s where he wanted to spend his life. In college he studied Community Recreation and Park Resources and worked multiple volunteer positions for a local Forest Preserve District and leading trips in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. The Boundary Waters is where he fell in love with trail work through many different portage trail maintenance projects. The mountains and an internship brought Sean to Colorado where he has spent the winter’s ski instructing for Vail Mountain and the National Sports Center for the Disabled in Winter Park and tour guiding by summer. Sean spends the majority of his summer on trails or the river either biking, hiking, or kayaking and his winter’s on the ski hill. Poised to join the rapidly growing Adopt a Trail Program, Sean is excited to see you on Eagle County trails this summer.

Michelle Wolffe, Adopt a Trail Coordinator, has been living in Eagle County for 20 years and calls this her dream job.   She thrives on all the outdoor pleasures provided by living in Eagle County including hiking, mountain & road biking, skiing, snowboarding, skinning, and anything involving the trails.  Outside of coordinating this program, she works as an X-ray and MRI technologist with a few companies including Vail Summit Orthopaedics in Frisco, Edwards and Vail, as well as Health Images in Denver.  She is proud to say that she was the first ever registered MRI technologist in the Vail Valley, but now she feels her biggest accomplishment was getting this program up and running 3 years ago. “We have come so far in such a short amount of time.  It is thrilling to be a part of something so strongly supported in Eagle County!” She became involved with VVMBA in 2012 when she saw them working on the trails in the West Avon Preserve. Michelle said, “I was so excited to see these amazing trails literally being created in my backyard, that I knew I had to get involved.”  After serving on VVMBA’s board of directors, she was invited to start the Adopt a Trail program in 2016. Michelle concluded, “My favorite thing about this program is working with the USFS and getting to meet such a wide variety of dedicated, enthusiastic people in our community. Giving them the opportunity to become stewards to our local trails and seeing the amazing results has been priceless!”