Mission and Vision


The VVMTA’s mission is to maintain, educate, advocate for, and build sustainable non-motorized soft surface trails while conserving the natural environment of Eagle County and our public lands.


The VVMTA is the leading advocate for soft surface trails in Eagle County, CO. The VVMTA’s vision is the creation of a sustainable multi-use soft surface trail network connecting communities and neighborhoods from Vail Pass to Basalt.  We promote stewardship of our public lands, sustainable trail building practices and a balance between recreation and conservation. The VVMTA maintains that trails contribute to the quality of life and economic vitality of the community.


The VVMTA manages trail advocacy programs, coordinates and trains volunteers, educates outdoor recreational users, organizes events, and contributes its talents, guidance and time to support local land managers in various soft surface trail initiatives.


Your donation and support of the Eagle County Trail Fund supports our mission, vision, and allows us to execute programs, events, and operations including:

  1. Adopt A Trail
  2. Adopt A Trail Wildlife Ambassadors
  3. Volunteer Opportunities
  4. Improved sustainability and user experience of existing trails
  5. New trail construction
  6. Local and regional trail system planning and funding
  7. Trail crew leader and volunteer training
  8. Educational and community events
  9. Organizational management and operations
  10. Public lands access and advocacy

Annual Report

History of VVMTA

Coming from Michigan and Vermont Jamie Malin and Peter Geyer had been involved in trail building with their local IMBA chapters. They saw firsthand what a group of passionate trail enthusiasts could do to improve their local trail network. Unlike most, they decided that talk was cheap and formed the Vail Valley Mountain Bike Association (VVMBA) in 2011 along with John McDade. Passion for building sustainable trails led them to meet others like Lee Rimel and Jeff Thompson and soon they were digging in the dirt.

The VVMBA rebranded to the Vail Valley Mountain Trails Alliance (VVMTA) in April of 2019.  This rebrand was to better align our organization with the efforts and advocacy that we have already been performing on soft surface multi-use trails in Eagle County.  

In 9 short years the VVMTA has become the leading soft surface trail organization in Eagle County.  Through its weekly trail crew nights and programs such as Adopt a Trail, the VVMTA has organized over 3,000 volunteers who have contributed over 20,000 hours of trail work.  

The VVMTA s a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and is the Eagle County, CO local chapter of the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA).

VVMBA’s tax identification number is 45-1539710.

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