Wildlife Trail Ambassadors

Wildlife Trail Ambassador Program

In the Spring of 2018, the VVMTA and it’s Adopt A Trail program launched the Wildlife Trail Ambassador program.  The VVMTA recognized the need to be the leaders in proactively approaching the education and communication surrounding seasonal trail closures to protect wildlife and our trails.  With this, the Wildlife Trail Ambassador program was launched.  The Ambassadors’ duties include:

  • Enforce seasonal trail closures by actively being positioned at trailheads
  • Education to trail users about the reasons for seasonal trail closures
  • Education to trail users about local flora and fauna
  • Education and communication spreading Leave No Trace Principles
  • Actively engage local businesses and hotels to help spread the word to our Valley’s visitors

The Wildlife Trail Ambassador program began to focus on spring seasonal wildlife closures to protect the mule deer and elk calving seasons.  Upon the great success in the Spring, the program expanded to cover our winter seasonal closures to ensure elk and deer were not disturbed in their important winter habitat.

The 2019 stats were remarkable and show a true need for this program:

  • 152 – Total hours of volunteer time
  • 88 – Total volunteers
  • 212 – People encountered at seasonally closed trails
  • 1,083 – Total people contacted
  • 8 – People seen on seasonally closed trails

Interested in getting involved?  Read about the Trail Ambassador Program _ 2018 _ 2019 Description and please contact Adopt A Trail Coordinator, Michelle, at ecadoptatrail@gmail.com