1% for Trails

The 1% for Trails program is a collaborative effort launched by the VVMTA and the Hardscrabble Trails Coalition (HTC).  The VVMTA and HTC share the same mission to build and maintain soft surface trails in Eagle County.  All proceeds go directly to the Eagle County Trail Fund that supports soft surface trail and conservation initiatives.

How it Works:

  1.  Businesses collect a voluntary 1% donation on the gross sales before taxes of products and services from their customers.
  2.  Add a line item that appears on the receipt indicating to the customer that a 1% voluntary donation is being collected.
  3.  We will provide you with informational materials to display at your business, on your website, social media feeds, forms, and all other materials to communicate the program.

The Customer:

  1. If a customer does not wish to donate, it is easy to remove the 1% donation from the sale.
  2. The notifications clearly state that the 1% donation is entirely voluntary. We’d be happy to be put in touch with any customer to better explain the program.
  3. Your staff is not expected to explain the program to each customer. The informational signage that we provide will do this.

The Finances:

  1. The customer is making the donation which makes it tax deductible for them, not your business.
  2. We will work with you on a payment schedule; monthly, quarterly, etc. We want to make it easy!
  3. The amount of donations from each business is kept strictly confidential.

What We Do For You:

  1. We build and maintain the soft surface trails we know and love in Eagle County. We advocate for sustainable trails that consider wildlife, our environment, and our community.
  2. Your business will be highlighted and promoted through all of our communicaton channels including Facebook, Instagram, website, and monthly eNewsletter.
  3. We will constantly work with you to create unique and successful cross marketing campaigns.
  4. We will host an annual event to inform you how the revenue generated from the program was used towards maintaining, building, conservation, and advocating for trails.

Please contact ernest@vvmta.org to discuss further details and how your business can enter the program!

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