Van Reservation

Van Reservation Agreement:

As a VVMTA employee you have access to using the van for your personal pleasure.  By signing this agreement you agree to the following:

  • Only you (the VVMTA employee) or someone who is on the VVMTA auto insurance policy can drive the van
  • You understand how to operate the van and it's amenities such as sink, water, induction stove, lights, power, etc.
  • You cannot reserve the van if it is needed for a VVMTA work function/event.  Please contact person responsible for the VVMTA event to coordinate and/or ask if the van is booked and needed.
  • You agree to clean the ENTIRE interior of the van including but not limited to:
    • Emptying waste water and water tanks
    • Cleaning out and using a cleaning solution and towel of the fridge
    • Cleaning all instruments, counter tops, dashboard, bed, faucet, sink, etc. with cleaning solution and towel
    • Returning the van with a full tank of gas
    • Vaccuuming and wiping down floors
    • Removing bikes and VVMTA gear from the van and properly storing them while you use the van
    • Upon return, put bikes and necessary VVMTA gear back in the van as it was before your use

Any questions, please contact Ernest.

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